This is Chuck. This is my Dad. This man is a Husband, A Pappy, a Brother, an Uncle, a retired OTR truck driver, a neighbor and really so much more to those that know him. He is also HD+. He found out approximately 10 years ago maybe even longer that his family genetics put him […]

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Mudpuddles and Skooters

Life is not where we expected to be. Chronic diseases and changes in employment really puts a huge damper on life. Family, good food, and an overabundance of love sweet love has helped. We had a nice Easter day together. It started out rough but ended with the three of us at home. So why […]

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Who I am – Part 2

Coming from such large families, we enjoyed reunions each year on my Dad’s side. We always had a good time. Most of us only seeing relatives for a single visit each summer. I tried, as did others, to continue the tradition once Aunt Betty was gone and it never was the same. I can remember […]

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Heather – who I am part 1

Losing loved ones or watching some close family and friends become ill and fragile is tough work. It’s emotionally tiring, and it also creates all kind of questions and guilt. As a teenager, I often felt alone and just got used to deliberately being alone. It always seemed to be that it was easier. In […]

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Unhealthy, but eager for faith

Tired and achy, but I love seeing the sunshine and feeling the warmth. I think I am so ready for it full time. I really think that a vacation is much needed. I’ve been running around from this appointment to that appointment and I have to nap again to get thru the rest of the […]

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Butt-heads and awareness

So yesterday my son decided to smack a fellow student’s rear on the bus. There is more to the story about previous texts. He said he was dared. Teenage boys that are having rough mornings (he has ADHD & ODD) are very susceptible to other guys issuing the dares. The girl didn’t take it as […]

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Looking Ahead

What a beautiful day today as long as you were strapped in; holy cow the winds!! Beautiful sunshine made for a brighter day 🌞 Waking up today was another challenge. I am crashing hard and sleeping hard. I just don’t want to get up. It is probably because I’m not using the sleep apnea machine. […]

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Faith, Hope and Bubblewrap

Wow 2019 has come in like a wrecking ball straight up from 2017 & 2018. As I mentioned the passing of a loved one and the diseases that we watch others suffer with and in oneself just really was rough spiritually for me. I have continued to work through that by attending church each Friday […]

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Questions of Life

Life after a death in a family….. It always always makes me question my faith and attitude towards different aspects of life. Questions on what if this would happen to our parents, spouse, son, brother, close friends, etc and how I don’t think I am able to handle it. I watched how strong some of […]

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